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Live your big fishing dream!

Welcome to Loppa Seafishing

The hotspot for large halibut, pollack, cod, redfish and wolffish in Northern Norway.

Sheltered in Northern Norway is the town of Bergsfjord where you can fish for large halibut, pollack, cod, redfish and wolffish. A dream for many: sea fishing with your own fishing boat together with your mates. But it does not have to be a dream! Because this fishing adventure is very affordable in Bergsfjord Norway. Only with Loppa Seafishing! View your fishing trip.

You can rent a luxury apartment with us that includes a fishing boat for a fixed price. We can also help you with booking the trip to Bergsfjord so that you won’t have any worries.

Bergsfjord is located in the heart of the municipality of Loppa in Northern Norway. It is situated opposite to the famous island of Sørøya which is known for its unique soil structure. There is no overfishing, which means that the large specimens can still be caught here! And the fishing conditions are ideal because of the shallow waters around Loppa.

Loppa is surrounded by several large fishing plateaus that range from 15 to 100 meters deep and plateaus where the depth goes down to 250 and 500 meters. Large trophy fish guaranteed! There are also very unique areas that are rich in fish around the island of Loppa itself. And all of that at only  15-20 minutes sailing distance. This is pre-eminently the prime location for large halibut, pollack, cod, redfish and wolfish. Curious about the experiences of our guests? Then visit our “Experiences” page.

English & German!

The host (Cor) and hostess (Patricia) of Loppa Seafishing are English, Dutch and German speaking and fanatical anglers!

Wildeboat with 150PK!

Loppa Seafishing works exclusively with the Wildeboat 650 XW S. A boat specially developed for anglers who fish for pleasure in the waters around Loppa and Scandinavia

Sheltered in Northern Norway!

Loppa is a very sheltered spot in Northern Norway opposite the famous island of Sørøya which is known for its unique soil structure. In good weather, we offer the possibility to fish on the open seas and in bad weather you can fish in the fjords.

(new) *Reis&zo* can book your flight if you wish!

We would love to help you book your flight to us together with *Reis&zo*
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Tv Hostess Marco Kraal & Nathalie van den Berg visit us to catch the Big Game from Norway.

Marco Kraal & Nathalie van den Berg(known dutch television fishing personalities) visited Loppa Seafishing for a week in september. They shot 4 Vlogs!  Watch the vlogs here !

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