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In addition to sea fishing, we offer various other activities and experiences.

Are you looking to relax in a stress-free environment? Here at Loppa, we offer a selection of activities and experiences for you to enjoy. Combine these activities with your fishing holiday. How about a day of bird or whale watching, hiking or climbing trips? Below you will find all the activities we offer. Do you want more information? Take a look at our website or ask us about the possibilities.

Whale watching

At the beginning of November, the Whales and Killer Whales arrive near Loppa (Bergsfjord). One of the best whale hotspots in Norway is located at only half an hour away. This makes our location very unique. Take your own boat out to see the whales up close, and enjoy the beautiful nature and magnificent animals.More

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The very remote location of Loppa (Bergsfjord), in combination with little amount of residents and cars makes this an excellent location for bird watching. Every day we organize “outings” and sail out by boat, early in the morning and late at night, to photograph the local eagles and birds. You are able to see the birds up close, as they come near the boat looking for fish remains.

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The northern Lights

Aurora borealis. In autumn, winter and spring you can enjoy the great beauty of the Northern Light. Because of the proximity to the sea and the low levels of light-pollutions, this spectacular phenomenon is highly visible at our location. This alone is a reason to come to Loppa (Bergsfjord).

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Fly fishing

Fly fishing in Northern Norway, who wouldn’t want this? At Loppa seafishing, we offer fly fishing trips at a very affordable price. An electric boat is waiting for you in the reservoir to make the trip to the mouth of the glacier river. This area is home to the rare Arctic char and Trout.

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Bergsfjord is located in the heart of the municipality of Loppa in Northern Norway. It is situated opposite to the famous island of Sørøya which is known for its unique soil structure. There is no overfishing, which means that the large specimens can still be caught here! And the fishing conditions are ideal because of the shallow waters around Loppa.

Retreats & coaching

Our guests come to the remote Loppa (Bergsfjord) to really get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Relaxation begins during the spectacular journey to Loppa by boat. Letting go of all your stress and embracing the calm often takes a few days, after which you will able to fully enjoy yourself, your friends and the beautiful nature around you.

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Snowshoe hiking

Looking for the perfect winter holiday? With us, you can experience the snow with cross-country skis and snowshoes. The climate in Loppa (Bergsfjord) is ideal for these activities, as temperatures on the coast are more moderate compared to the inland. Ideal for long, scenic walks through the snow-laden landscape with a beautiful view of the sea. Or create your own tracks with cross-country skis.

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Hiking & droppings

Come walk with us or plan a survival tour. Within a day you will lose the stress of everyday life. The remote, wild and undisturbed environment of Loppa has a wild beauty.Take a week of rest in Loppa (Bergsfjord), relax and get used to the quiet life in the remote and friendly village, and plan hikes at your own pace. Whether you want to go for short walks, hikes for several days, or intense survival tours, here you can take the excursion you are looking for!

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Do you want to up your skills in sea fishing, fly fishing or ice fishing? Do you want to learn how to prepare, fillet and smoke your fish? Looking to go shooting and need some lessons in clay pigeon shooting or long range bullet shooting?We teach and organize workshops in the above mentioned topics. If you wish to do something else, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable program.

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We are ready to answer all of your questions, and are happy to give you information about our location.

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