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General information:

Seafishing at Loppa Seafishing in Northern Norway is an unique and special experience that you will never forget. Gigantic fish, beautiful boats and a wonderful accomodation. At Loppa Seafishing you can rent an accommodation Wildeboat for 1 fixed price.

We can also help you with booking the trip to Bergsfjord so that you won’t have any worries.

In addition, the host (Cornelis) and hostess (Patricia) of Loppa Seafishing are Dutch and very experienced anglers. They will tell you everything about the best fishing methods and fishing spots.

Loppa Seafishing has 4 houses and 3 Wildeboats for the 2022 season. The houses are suitable for 6 and 9 people and the Wildeboat is ideal for up to 5 people.

Accommodation depends on availability. In the 2022 season we have the The Fisher’s Mancave , Cape Cod, Steinbit escape and halibut heaven. The accommodation will be provided with towels, bed linen, an end of stay cleaning and includes water, electricity and heating.

The Wildeboat is clean and comes with full tank of fuel, please return it the same way. Refueling can be done on the jetty by using jerry cans and the costs for refueling can be paid on the spot by credit card or cash. The bill will be in Norwegian crowns NOK and these costs are to be paid by you. The euro prices are indicative in connection with the exchange rate fluctuations.


Price for 1 week in 2022:
1 accomodation, including 6,5 meter Wildeboat with 150 PK (group price 5 p)
€ 2.995,- /week
Every fisherman from 6 or more
€ 200,- p.p.
Additional wildeboat
€ 1.295,- /week
Fishing suit
€ 75,-
Fishing rod + reel+ line
€ 75,-
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Requesting a longer period or a large group? No problem.. Ask us for the possibilities!

    Wildeboat 650 XW S with 150PK

    Loppa Seafishing works exclusively with the Wildeboat 650 XW S. This is the latest model from the Bergsfjord-based shipyard Wilde Slipp. A boat specially developed for fishing in the waters around Loppa and Scandinavia. The fishing boats are of a high standard and are 6.7 meters long. They are made by the owner on his own shipyard. The fishing boats are very popular due to their wide and spacious design. The abbreviation XW stands for “extra wide”. The boat is no less than 2.7 meters wide. This makes it much more stable than regular boats.

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    Beautiful accommodations

    Top accomodation situated at the  jetty. De Fisher’s mancave has 3 double bedrooms. A good kitchen, bathroom and sitting room with open kitchen. De fully stocked kitchen has a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, coffee machine. A washing machine and dryer are present in the filet room.  There is a freezer to store caught fish and a filet room. In the filet room you can dry your clothes.  The house is suitable for 6 people.

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    Big Fish!

    Loppa Seafishing lies directly opposite the well-known fishing island of Sørøya which is known for its unique soil structure. There are plenty of fish and makes for a rewarding and challenging fishing area.

    The island of Silda is 8 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide and is like a large protective wall for the village of Bergsfjord. Around the island are the fish plateaus of 15 to 100 meters depth, which immediately go  to a depth of 250 – 500 meters. Also on the island of Loppa itself are fish-rich areas and this is only a 15 minute sail. This is pre-eminently the prime location for large halibut, Coalfish, cod, redfish and wolfish. Because of its location it is also very suitable for fishing skrei (Norwegian cod)!

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    Beautiful nature

    Sheltered in North Norway the village of Bergsfjord is situated. Here you can fish the BIG GAME of Scandinavie ! Bergsfjord, part of the Loppa municipality, is still not widely known, but loved by the experts.  Loppa is situated opposite the island of Sørøya and has a very interesting seabed for angling and there is plenty of fish around. Bergsfjord has ca 70 inhabitants. It is a very small village not yet discovered by the big tourist crowd.

    Apart from fishing there are other things to experience in Bergsfjord. Hiking and climbing the local mountains and enjoying the rivers. In the village there is a supermarket where you can buy your groceries with a gas station alongside the shop.  You are very welcome in Bergsfjord.

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    Easily accessible

    You will start by plane to Alta and from there it is about a 2 hour drive to Øksfjord . You can choose to take the local bus (luxurious touringcar) or a (rental) car. From Øksfjord you take the ferry to Bergsfjord. This village can only be reached by ferry and the trip takes about 1.4 hours from Oksjord. After your arrival in Bergsfjord we will come and pick you up in person!

    The way back is reversed – you will arrive at Alta airport at about 12:00. This makes it possible to take a flight that leaves from Alta at the beginning of the afternoon.We are happy to help you book your trip to Bergsfjord. New at Loppa Seafishing! Make a helicopter flight from Alta to Bergsfjord. A fantastic, comfortable experience. During the trip you can always call us if you need further advice.

    See you soon in Bergsfjord!

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    Happy customers

    Daniel Weijers & Tamme Smit from dutch television.

    We had an unforgettable fishing week in Bergsfjord at Loppa Seafishing. 5 days we were out at sea. One day we joined an experienced local fisher to experience how the real pros fish. Very interesting to see how older techniques work very well. He also helped us to locate fishing spots and to read the waters.

    4 out of the 5 days we fished on our own and 25 halibut saw the inside of our boat. Most  halibut we caught casting bait, and using Westin Sandy Andy baitfish and other long shads (10-12 cm). Natural bait worked very good as well.  Cod and Coalfish were so plentifull that you could ‘walk stepping on their heads all the way to the shore’, and the fishfinder was fully colored with fish. 5 hooks and 5 fish at the same time. every thing seems to be possible !

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    Experience our fishing trip on video!

    “VisTV” visit us to catch big halibut.

    Daniel and Tamme (known dutch television fishing personalities) visited Loppa Seafishing for a week in september. They shot a Vlog and caught 25 Halibut!  Watch the vlog here !   Watch out; watching is at your own risk. You could get very jealous… 🙂

    "We had a unforgettable angling week in Bergsfjord at Loppa Seafishing. A top location and we will certainly return next year"

    Tamme Smit & Daniël Weijers - Vis TV

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