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Loppa Seafishing lies directly opposite the well-known fishing island of Sørøya which is known for its unique soil structure. There are plenty of fish and makes for a rewarding and challenging fishing area.

The island of Silda is 8 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide and is like a large protective wall for the village of Bergsfjord. Around the island are the fish plateaus of 15 to 100 meters depth, which immediately go  to a depth of 250 – 500 meters. Also on the island of Loppa itself are fish-rich areas and this is only a 15 minute sail. This is pre-eminently the prime location for large halibut, Coalfish, cod, redfish and wolfish. Because of its location it is also very suitable for fishing skrei (Norwegian cod)!

In addition, there are several large underwater mountains to the west of Loppa. Such as Peder Hansasskallen, Tomasskallen and Kvaennangsgrunnen that rise from the depth (250m) to 45-55 meters. These are also the spots for large Gul, Pollack, Redfish and Haddock. Of course you should not be surprised if you catch a large halibut.

Did you know that the largest captured halibuts weigh around 90-100 kg? However, halibut is regularly caught with a weight of 50 -70 kg, while the average halibut weighs 20 to 40 kg. If you have never caught a halibut, you can of course also start with catching smaller ones!

In addition, there are several top spots to catch for large pollack. “Tip” catching Pollack on the fly rod is a super sport! Curious about the catches of our guests? Take a look at our “Experiences” page.

Freshwater Fishing at Loppa Seafishing. Several trout species swim in the lake of Bergsfjord (Bergsfjordvatne). Including the very rare “Arctic char” trout.

March - May

Amazing fishing guaranteed in March-May! From the beginning of March you’ll be able to catch large codfish that come to the coast to spawn. Don’t be surprised if you catch a cod up to 30 kg and a length of 150 cm. Bear in mind that the weather in this period can be changeable!

May - July

In this period the weather is less changeable. In addition, the endless light offers the possibility for longer fishing. In Bergsfjord it is light outside for 24 hours, so time no longer plays a role. If you come with a large group, you can choose to fish in teams.

August - October

The stable weather conditions and the large trophy fish that migrate to the shallower waters around Bergsfjord characterize this period. In these months the emphasis is on fishing the halibut. Is catching a big halibut your fishing dream? Then this season is ideal for you.

October - November

During this period you can spot whales in the fjords on a daily basis. The whales make their way to the large schools of fish, which stop in the protected and shallower waters of the fjords. If you are lucky, you’ll spot the very rare arctic shark. These months are also extremely suitable for catching trophy halibut.

December - March

In this period the weather is very changeable. In addition, it is dark 24/7. We therefore advise you not to fish on the deep seas. Fishing in the fjord is possible. Ask us about the possibilities.